Hi there 👋, welcome to Merlin product wikipedia. This helper playbook introduces you to all the product features & how to use them using simple text & videos. Happy exploring! 🥳


Getting started →

To use Merlin Chat on any webpage, follow these 3 steps:

  1. **InstallSign UpActivate Merlin →** Type in your first query! ****

  2. Use any of the methods below to Activate Merlin on your favourite webpage

    1. Press **command + M** ( for mac ) & Ctrl + M ( for windows )

    2. Click on the Merlin widget present on right bottom section of every webpage


    3. Pin the extension & click on Merlin icon


  3. Once Merlin is activated type in your query in the Chat box


Top-3 trending features ⚡

⤴️ Launch of tweetify feature on YouTube

⤴️ Launch of image generation within Merlin Chat

⤴️ Use your own OpenAI API keys from settings page

**Check our release blog here* ↗️ *& Change log here* ↗️